Get creative with your spice storage and make the process of cooking a little more delightful!Minimalistic theme is all the rage these days! You find beautiful living spaces that boldly embrace simple design themes adorning the pages of glossy magazines nowadays. With a little bit of thought and careful research you too can make your house look truly sensational. Read on and find out ways in which you can use a low key approach to decorating when stylizing your living spaces.

Choose the color theme wisely

The color theme of your house is what sculpts the personality of your house so choose your shades well. You should stay away from bold and vibrant shades if you want to embrace a simple theme. Pick shades like white, black, gray and brown for your walls and floors and make sure you don’t mix and match too many shades inside the living spaces too. Ensure all areas of the house embrace this simple shade if you can. Everything is always in the details, so try to match all the elements of the house to blend with its central color theme. You can even reface cabinets in your cooking area to match the minimalistic palette.

De clutter your spaces

You really cannot have a simple living space if it is cluttered with junk and old furniture! So remove all items in your rooms that you don’t use or need. Try throwing away or donating items that you don’t love, even if they are expensive and see your spaces transforming! Your attitude will shift too as you stop assessing the worth of your possessions by their monetary value. You will find it easier to let things go when you start discarding items in your house that don’t give you joy.

Organize your home well

After your session of de cluttering, make sure you arrange the items that you are left with creatively. Try to embrace new and creative storage solutions in the kitchens in Perth that will free up the spaces. You can opt to wash and dry your plates and store them in a cupboard instead of in a bulky plate rack near the sink. Try placing your spice jars also in a cupboard or in a drawer to keep the counters free too.

Use textures

You can use different textures of the same color to make your living spaces look chic. For instance, if you have white leather sofas, you can consider investing in cushion covers in white glitter, white fur and white satin. The effect will truly be marvelous. You will be able to ad variety to the living space without deviating from the central color theme.

Always remember, less in more

Resist the urge to buy every single piece of decorative ornament you see when you go shopping and keep your house clutter free. If you buy new furniture, remove the old ones. You can consider donating or selling your old furniture instead of keeping them in another part of the house. A space that is designed in a simple way exudes tranquility and peace. So do give the minimalistic approach a try and see how beautiful your house will look with time!

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